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Welcome to St. Maries Middle School, located in St. Maries, Idaho
The faculty and staff are hopeful your time at St. Maries Middle School will be successful. You are here to learn and learning is more enjoyable when everyone follows the rules. If problems should arise, remember that the staff is here to help you and you should feel free to ask them for advice or assistance. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.


St. Maries Middle School is dedicated to providing an educational culture that will continually
assess the knowledge, changing needs, and challenges of our students and adapt our
practices to prepare them to become successful citizens.


The staff and students at St. Maries Middle School commit ourselves to working together to provide a safe, positive, and predictable school environment that encourages learning, cooperation, and respect. It is our goal to foster desirable behaviors that good, productive citizens of society would have and provide a positive, productive working environment at our school. 

The student’s welfare and development can be achieved only with full cooperation and support of all agencies of community life with the home bearing primary responsibility.

St. Maries Joint School District #41 does not discriminate or deny services on the basis of age, race, religion, color, nationality origin, sex and/or disability.